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Tips on how to buy memorable, meaningful and unique gifts for the holidays

Cathy Schiff

Have you started to make your list of the gifts you need to buy for the holidays? Here at Vintage by Cathy we have made your job easy. Need a gift that is memorable, meanigful and unique? You have come to the right place. Here are 5 reasons why vintage gifts can WOW your friends and family:

1. Every gift is unique and made by hand. There are no two pieces exactly alike.

2. A vinatge gift can bring back wonderful memories of times gone by.

3.  Vintage is eco-friendly!

4. Each piece comes with a handwritten history with details about the time period, original designer, and stories about the previous owner where possible.

5. We send each piece gift wrapped with a tag and ready to be given! 

Remember Vintage by Cathy and give your friends and family a gift that has a lasting memory! Don't forget we do custom orders so get your special memorable pieces to us early so we can transform them into the perfect gift!