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Atlanta, Georgia


Vintage by Cathy. Hand-made belt buckles. Hand-made bracelets. Hand-made necklaces.

Behind the Art


Castoffs found at estate sales, antique markets and vintage stores are infused with tranquility.

Imagine the stories that old watches, postcards, chipped china and charms could tell. Of course, their secrets will never be revealed.

Yet, they serve as the genesis for re-birth as they become part of my vintage belt buckles, bracelets and necklaces.


The china that I use in the mosaics is bought at estate sales. It is generally between 50 and 80 years old. The postcards are often 80 - 105 years old! A love note back then rings as true as it would today (though it would be tweeted now and then forever lost in the Cloud!).

The cameos, clasps and shoe buckles you'll see in my pieces typically date from the late 1800s up to the period before the Second World War. 


With the vintage pieces assembled on my work bench, and no one home to bother me, it's time to create. It takes a mix of inspiration and perspiration, and then the vision of how the final piece will look comes to me. Then it's time to clean and restore each item in preparation for assembly. My tools come out. Then the glue. My puppy (he's 80 pounds now) lays at my feet. And I go to work. 

I hope you find something that "speaks" to you. Something that gives your style its own signature. Individual. Respectful of the past. Knowing that each day is a re-birth. 


If you'd like something custom-made with your own vintage memorabilia, email me. It's a great way to pass down a cherished memento from one generation to the next.